brass forgings alloys

Forgings and precise machining of brass, aluminium and copper.

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Selection of brass alloys

Brass is commonly considered as an excellent alloy for building material, with specifications that in some cases make it superior to other metals, such as bronze or steel, in terms of its special features, production costs, etc. Its color, similar to gold, make it suitable also for not strictly structural use, such as for architectural and decorative applications.

Brass charateristics can vary considerably, depending on the alloy considered, highlights include corrosion and dezincification-resistance of special alloys developped for the sanitary industry and high wear resistance and strength of other special alloys.

Brass alloys can even be easily coated, by galvanic or chemical processes, to enhance corrosion resistance, drinking water suitability (i.e. for NSF 61 compliance), friction resistance, surface hardness, etc.

Common leaded brass forging alloys: EN 12165 CW617N, EN 12165 CW602N (anti-dezincificant alloy, after annealing), ASTM B124 UNS C37700, C37710, C38000 and C38500.

New low-lead or no-lead brass forging alloys: ASTM B371 C69300 (Ecobrass, CuPhin) , CW509L (C27450), CW510L , CW511L, C46500 and C69300. These alloys have been recently developped in compliance to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 annex G for food equipment, as in California (AB1953) and Vermont (S.152) legislation, effective January 1st, 2010 and some of them have even higher mechanical properties, compared to common leaded brass.

Properties range of brass forgings, as reference:
Yield strength, Rp 0.2: 48 to 70 ksi (330 to 480 MPa)
Tensile strength, Rm: 65 to 101 ksi (450 to 700 MPa)
Elongation, A: 20 to 23 %
Hardness, HB: 125 to 180 Brinnell
Specific gravity: 8.5

Common applications of brass forgings:
Valves and valve balls
Couplings, fittings and nuts
Faucets, taps
Water meters
Pressure meters and reducers
Air conditioning & refrigeration
Home appliances
Water heating and solar panels
Coffee machines
Scuba diving equipment
Electrical connectors

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