custom forgings precision machined and coated

Forgings and precise machining of brass, aluminium and copper.

The service industry | Net shape forging
CAD/CAM and process simulation

The forging industry continues to advance processing technology and techniques. Some of the developments underway in the industry today may have an impact on the production of many forgings, while others may affect only a narrow segment of the business.

No matter, it is important for the forging buyer to stay abreast of developments so as to be aware of options becoming available through advancing technology. The competent forging engineer will be able to identify situations where new technology and processing techniques can benefit the buyer’s particular project.

And, because capabilities vary so widely from one forging plant to another, only the forger himself can determine how cost-effectively a particular new or more advanced procedure can be applied in his plant.

The custom forge plant is essentially a service organization. One of the most important aspects of the service provided is the assistance the forger can give in the design and development of a product to be forged. Today, competition among forgers in the global marketplace is allowing the buyer to demand – and get – ever-higher levels of service from the best companies vying for the business.

As materials and process technologies advance, it is increasingly important for the forging buyer to involve the forger in decisions that ultimately affect the cost and performance of the part. Through close collaboration with forgers, buyers can gain the greatest benefits from forging industry innovation and can help spur further progress.

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