custom forgings precision machined and coated

Forgings and precise machining of brass, aluminium and copper.

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Part configuration | Dimensional tollerances | Applying guidelines
Surface finishing and coatings | Ispection and testing | Delivery

Over the years, the forging industry has developed a system of dimensional tolerances guidelines that set limits on size (length, width and thickness), die match and straightness. Guidelines for impression die applications, for instance, are found in Forging Industry Associationís Tolerances for Impression Die Forgings.

Standards also have been developed to apply to such material considerations as chemistry, strength, ductility, impact resistance, conductivity, soundness and grain flow.

These have been published by such organizations as ASTM, Society of Automotive Engineers, and the American Standards Association for the United States and the respective associations for other countries (UNI, DIN, EN, ISO etc.). Unless there is good reason to specify a special material or tighter tolerance controls, it is best to follow the established standards to avoid additional costs.

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