custom forgings precision machined and coated

Forgings and precise machining of brass, aluminium and copper.

Early stage engineering | The design conference | Material selection
Part configuration | Dimensional tollerances | Applying guidelines
Surface finishing and coatings | Ispection and testing | Delivery

Special preforming operations, reheats or additional dies and equipment may or may not be required to achieve the specified part configuration and the desired grain flow pattern. Almost always, a knowledgeable forger can work with a product design and achieve material and production economies with no loss of part performance. Sometimes, slight changes in part shapes can simplify forging requirements, reduce die costs, and speed production.

The forging engineer studies a new design from the standpoint of its tooling and processing requirements. Reduced draft angles or sharper radii, for instance, can sometimes reduce machining requirements without affecting part function. If a simpler die can be used or if the parting line can be adjusted to allow use of a flat top die, it may be possible to produce the part more economically.

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