custom forgings precision machined and coated

Forgings and precise machining of brass, aluminium and copper.

Early stage engineering | The design conference | Material selection
Part configuration | Dimensional tollerances | Applying guidelines
Surface finishing and coatings | Ispection and testing | Delivery

The ability of forgers today to produce as-forged shapes to tight tolerances is improving, and our company has developped its net- and near-net shape forging capability. At present, however, there is still considerable cost involved in holding tight as-forged tolerances.

We can help buyers to evaluate the trade-offs between reduced machining and increased die and processing costs. Determining where and how much machining stock or “envelope” should be specified is a complex decision best made in concert with the forger.

But no matter what tolerances are set, it is important to include them along with all dimensions on the part drawing given to the forging engineer. Based on this information, and on his experience and the experience of the primary material supplier, the forger can accept or request modification of the specifications to achieve more cost-effective production.

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