custom forgings precision machined and coated

Forgings and precise machining of brass, aluminium and copper.

Early stage engineering | The design conference | Material selection
Part configuration | Dimensional tollerances | Applying guidelines
Surface finishing and coatings | Ispection and testing | Delivery

Only those tests needed to establish the mechanical properties and quality required for reliable performance should be specified to minimize the costs involved. While the buyer will normally specify the type of tests and acceptance levels required for a forging, the forger can offer good advice on appropriate testing. Tests on representative bar samples, dimensional measurements during the production or functional testing i.e. leakage or burst are relatively simple. When the specification requires that additional tests be made, costs of course increase, but can always be considered.

Statistical process quality control techniques are being applied in our forge shops. Such capabilities reduced the need for some of the costly testing of individual forgings.

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